Eel directly from Shizuoka-Hamamatsu, Japan

October 14, 2016

We received a fresh shipment of Japanese eel directly from Shizuoka-Hamamatsu, Japan today!
We steam our Unagi after receiving an order, so please allow some extra time for preparation.


Eel directly from Shizuoka-Hamamatsu

October Monthly Special

October 8, 2016

Please enjoy the foods and the flavors of Japanese Autumn!!

Sudachi (Japanese Citrus) Oroshi Soba / すだちおろし蕎麦  $18.00
Cold broth soba with Sudachi, Grated Radish and Green onion

Sudachi (Japanese Citrus) Oroshi Soba

Enoki Mushroom Tempura / エノキの天ぷら  $4.00

Enoki Mushroom Tempura

Grilled Saury (Sanma) / 日本産 生秋刀魚の塩焼き  $18.00

Grilled Saury

Lightly Marinated Mackerel (Saba) Sashimi / 九州産 真鯖浅〆めのお造り $15.00

Lightly Marinated Mackerel

Lightly Marinated Mackerel (Saba) in Sweetened Vinegar and Ginger
九州産 真鯖の生姜酢  $15.00

Lightly Marinated Mackerel

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