LA Times Jonathan Gold

July 28, 2016

Our sister restaurant on the mainland got a nice write up on LA Times!! Mahalo

本土の系列店が LA Times Jonathan Goldのお薦めする麺料理として 取り上げていただきました!!Big mahalo!!


 Old Torrance Tel:310-328-1323
 Rolling Hills Plaza Tel: (310)784-0551

August Monthly Special

August 7, 2016

Come in to beat the heat with these new traditional Japanese summer menus!

Natto Okra Tororo Soba / 納豆オクラとろろ蕎麦  $18.00
Cold broth soba with Natto, Okra, Torero, Equal egg, Green onion,
Seaweed and Bonito

August Monthly Special

Okra Tempura 2pcs / オクラ天麩羅  $4.00

August Monthly Special

Grilled Ribbon-Fish (Tashiuo) / 太刀魚の塩焼き $10.00

August Monthly Special

Pike Conger Tempura 2pcs / 天然鱧(ハモ)の天麩羅  $6.00

Flash-boiled Pike Conger with Plum Sauce / 天然鱧(ハモ)おとし梅肉添え  $12.00

August Monthly Special

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