July 30th (Sat) / Doyo No Ushi No Hi

July 26, 2016

Unaju Gozen / 静岡県産うな重御膳 $42.50
Our Unagi (eel) is imported directly from Shizuoka-Hamamatsu, Japan.
Grilled and steamed eel is served over rice with original sauce.
Also comes with eel-liver soup and original pickled vegetables.
*We steam our Unagi after receiving an order, so please allow extra for preparation.

-What is Doyo No Ushi No Hi(土用の丑の日)??
Doyo is the 18-day period before the first day of autumn by the old calendar.
(from around July 20 to around August 8) It is very humid in this season in Japan and this makes many people tend to lose their appetite and feel poorly.
People often use the words Natsu-Bate(夏バテ), when they want to say that they are feeling poorly in the summer.
During this period, it has been customary from old times to eat nutritious eel in order to prevent Natsu-Bate.

Doyo No Ushi No Hi

July Monthly Special

July 9, 2016

Fresh Summer Vegetables Soba 冷やし夏野菜おろしそば $16.00
Cold broth soba with Okra, Corn, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Green onion, Seaweed, Bonito and Grated Radish

July Monthly Special

Corn Tempura 2pcs とうもろこしの天麩羅  $4.00

July Monthly Special

Pike Conger Tempura 2pcs 天然鱧(ハモ)の天麩羅 $6.00
Parboiled Pike Conger with Plum Sauce  天然鱧(ハモ)おとし梅肉添え  $12.00

July Monthly Special

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