We Welcome Advance Orders for Breakfast!

For your convenience,

we would recommend that you place an advance order if you need some particular BENTO for your special events. No minimum-order is necessary.

Call or E-mail us!

We take orders by Phone and E-mail using the BENTO Order Form as attached. 24 Hours in advance, please! Since we have a precise cooking schedule on the previous business day, please place your order 24 hours in advance.

Regular Pick-up time is from 7:15AM on weekdays, Saturday, and Sunday but Earlier pick-up is also available!!

EARLY PICK-UP will be available BY PAYING $ 1 EXTRA CHARGE. each BENTO order.

For take-out "BENTO" except "DONBURI" $1 for containers. You can get $1 refund, when you return the containers.

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